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Here at India SEO, a leading Indian SEO & Digital Marketing company with a track record of successful search ranking results, we passionately adhere to this open, inclusive, consultative approach. It always gets the best results, leading to effective business websites of which our clients are proud.
For example, there are times when a search engine optimisation guru might benefit from sharing notes with the PPC and Social media specialists. In order to achieve optimal search engine result page rankings, a site optimizer can achieve this with the distribution of keywords and headings around the site. The aim is to seek a sweet point, whereby the most important search keywords get the right level of exposure on the site without the process seeming too obtrusive or off-putting for users. Any SEO measures taken should be transparent and seamless where the end user is concerned and a skilful web designer can make sure this aspiration is realised.

Furthermore, the SEO expert can advise the website designer on keeping website navigation clean and efficient, thereby making the site easier and quicker for the major search engines to crawl or index. Again, a lean, efficient navigation will benefit users and the SEO strategy alike, but without the input of a designer may be difficult to achieve.
Such knowledge-sharing, we believe, should be the norm when it comes to organic seo and digital marketing strategy.